oscine bird

oscine bird
passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
Syn: ↑oscine
Derivationally related forms: ↑oscine (for: ↑oscine)
Hypernyms: ↑passerine, ↑passeriform bird
songbird, ↑songster, ↑honey eater, ↑honeysucker, ↑accentor, ↑lark, ↑wagtail, ↑pipit, ↑titlark, ↑finch, ↑honeycreeper, ↑weaver, ↑weaverbird, ↑weaver finch, ↑Old World flycatcher, ↑true flycatcher, ↑flycatcher, ↑thrush, ↑warbler, ↑babbler, ↑cackler, ↑bird of paradise, ↑New World oriole, ↑American oriole, ↑oriole, ↑Old World oriole, ↑starling, ↑corvine bird, ↑Australian magpie, ↑mockingbird, ↑mocker, ↑Mimus polyglotktos, ↑blue mockingbird, ↑Melanotis caerulescens, ↑catbird, ↑grey catbird, ↑gray catbird, ↑Dumetella carolinensis, ↑thrasher, ↑mocking thrush, ↑New Zealand wren, ↑creeper, ↑tree creeper, ↑nuthatch, ↑nutcracker, ↑titmouse, ↑tit, ↑fairy bluebird, ↑bluebird, ↑swallow, ↑wood swallow, ↑swallow shrike, ↑tanager, ↑shrike, ↑bowerbird, ↑water ouzel, ↑dipper, ↑vireo, ↑waxwing
Member Holonyms: ↑Oscines, ↑suborder Oscines, ↑Passeres, ↑suborder Passeres

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